Ask yourself this question

Ask yourself this question: “If I was hospitalized next month and told I only had 6 months or less to live, how would I react?” This is not a query about the immediate reaction—shock, extreme grief, fear, etc. I’m referring to life within the dying process. Continue reading


Last night I spent a few hours with Miriam, a razor sharp ninety-one year old Brit with perfect hearing. Her hospice chart didn’t offer much information. She lived with her son, but this week she was moving into assisted living. Her body was giving way to age and a two recent falls had rendered her virtually bed bound.

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The thing is…

Climbing back on board the ship of faith doesn’t happen overnight.

My church helps a lot. I’m part of a conservative congregation in the Springs. This presents a few barriers, mostly boiling down to me, other pew sitters, and me. I definitely hold a different worldview than most. And I’m a girl who likes an occasional scotch and cigar, not exactly the stuff of ladies teas and ladies Bible studies. Comments from time to time take my breath away and there’s not much “seeking of the Lord” before I respond.  Continue reading